• the tribe of the winged serpent

    The winged serpent merges the Earth and the Sky bringing into existence spiritual beings appointed as guardians of life for eternity. This universal tribe of wild spirits is gifted with the wisdom of nature and extraordinary abilities to love with care and fiercely protect life.


    For this epic endeavor, sacred geometry acts as a magical guide for intuition and the feathers of the snake are blessed with her powers of sensuality, liberty and sacred creation.


    Any human wearing these jewels will be enlightened into a path of healing and transformation, graced with a deep understanding of reality that leads them to enjoy to the fullest the most precious gift of all... Life.

  • Snake Feathers Jewelry

    Each pair is unique, handmade with the highest quality of silver and very precious feathers, stones and sacred geometry wood pieces gathered all over the world.


    Elegance touch

    50 USD


    Precious breeze

    50 USD


    Bacchus on the beach

    Sold out


    Tribal love

    50 USD


    Prosperity & Abundance

    50 USD


    Savage pulse

    50 USD



    50 USD


    Exotic wings

    50 USD



    Independence ​

    50 USD


    Self respect

    50 USD


    Strength and Calm

    50 USD


    Feminine shield

    Sold out


    Origins of love

    50 USD


    Extra awareness

    50 USD


    Sensual call

    50 USD


    Passion drops

    50 USD


    Nurturer of life

    50 USD


    Sky under your feet

    50 USD

  • start using your wings

    Snake Feathers are currently for sale in selected stores around the world.

    Get your snake feathers now
    Get your snake feathers now
    Each model pair has a price of 50 USD. Please specify after you place your order the page the #Model you wish in the notes to the seller box.

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    Srithanu, Koh Phangan, Thailand